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Workspace specialists, Loop Interiors, have transformed these London offices with a revitalised interior design, featuring V4’s Shore Drift Oak engineered hardwood plank

Located near the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, D Young & Co recently opened the doors to their new office, featuring Shore Drift Oak from our Deco Plank collection. Originally built in 1999, the LDN:W building has a fantastic selection of amenities for its occupants to enjoy, including a rooftop terrace overlooking some of London’s most iconic landmarks, and a brand-new contemporary entrance finished with a surrounding glazed façade, bridging the original building with modern-day architecture.   The development of the new office was completed by ‘workplace interior specialist’ Loop Interiors, who, having previously worked with many high-profile clients including Netflix and Rolls Royce, were the perfect team to help create an office solution tailored to both the building’s heritage and the company’s requirements. We spoke with one of the Senior Designers at Loop Interiors, who went on to say…

“Building on an 18-month working relationship with D Young & Co, Loop Interiors pitched and successfully secured the design and delivery of the revitalized and functional workspace for the client at the LDN:W building”.

When speaking about the project, Loop Interiors explained that “D Young & Co, a patent law firm, sought innovative solutions to revitalize their office space amidst the surge of remote work following their relocation to London’s LDN:W building. They also explained how D Young & Co were keen to create adequate meeting facilities in their new office space, with a key focus on optimising hearing rooms. This laid out a clear design goal, as Loop Interiors went on to say…

“With a focus on creating impeccably soundproof environments, a two-floor configuration was adopted at LDN:W, with client meeting and hearing room suites situated on the 1st floor and the workforce on the 2nd floor. The client emphasized the importance of sustainability, leading to the decision to preserve much of the existing CAT A+ infrastructure on the 2nd floor.”

When planning the design, Loop Interiors needed a flooring solution that would not only be warm and inviting but would also offer a timeless and luxurious aesthetic in this London office. Furthermore, Loop Interiors explained “D Young & Co had specific preferences regarding the colour palette, emphasizing the importance of selecting timber flooring that harmonized with nearby carpet options, metal copper accents, and timber wall panelling”; To that end, they chose Shore Drift Oak from our Deco Plank collection.

Complete with an invisible lacquer, this rustic-grade floor maintains the aesthetic of raw oak, perfect for creating a sense of natural light in any design. What’s more, the invisible lacquered finish offers a hardwearing and durable wear layer, which, coupled with the commercial warranty, makes Shore Drift Oak the perfect flooring for this London office.

“In designing the client business lounge, our aim was to cultivate a timeless and sophisticated ambience. The choice of Shore Drift Oak flooring struck the ideal harmony, blending warmth and texture to craft an environment that is both welcoming and professional. The client sought to imbue their 1st-floor business lounge with a sense of luxury and natural elegance, ensuring a welcoming reception for their clientele.”

In addition to meeting the aesthetic portion of the design criteria, the engineered oak floors also ticked the sustainability requirements. With a 100% FSC certification, Shore Drift Oak is made with only responsibly sourced timber from sustainably managed forests. To learn more about V4’s approach to lessening the impact of the flooring industry on the environment, click here.

The final design combines timeless elegance with contemporary style, drawing inspiration from both the original Roman architecture in the area and the modern-day renovation of the LND:W building, as Loop Interiors went on to conclude:

“The design draws on the creative influences of the ancient Roman ruins surrounding 3 Noble Street. Architectural elements evocative of this era have been thoughtfully adapted to harmonize with the proposed design. Roman architecture, renowned for its synthesis of theory, beauty, content, and practicality, serves as a guiding influence.”

When asked how the client had found the flooring since moving into their new offices, Loop Interiors explained: “I’ve had the opportunity to visit the site several times since the installation, and myself and the client alike are very pleased with the final result. It seamlessly complements its surroundings, adding a perfect finishing touch to the space.”

Commenting on the renovated office space, D Young & Co’s Chair, David Meldrum stated online “This exciting move reflects our commitment to growth and innovation. We look forward to welcoming clients to our new London home, in the heart of the City, where we will continue to thrive and create value together.”

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