Unbeatable Style & Affordability With Engineered Wood Flooring

Exceptionally easy to install and maintain, engineered wood flooring brings the allure of real wood floors within reach of your budget. So, before you rethink your design dreams, discover the uncompromising elegance we have to offer.


What Makes Engineered Wood Flooring So Budget-Friendly?

The secret to engineered wood flooring’s affordability is in its construction. We use multiple layers of softwood (including spruce, birch, poplar, and pine) to create a sturdy base, then set our hardwood veneer on top to complete the look.


The average solid wood plank measures between 14 and 22 millimetres thick, which is a lot of material, especially for larger home improvement projects. Our engineered oak and walnut veneers, however, are cut to between 2 and 6 millimetres, with the rest of the plank’s thickness made up by the multi-ply base.


That is 60% less hardwood per plank, which allows our engineered floors to be as cost-effective and physically resilient as they are.

Find Hardwood Flooring to Suit Your Budget

See Our Engineered Wood Flooring in Action

When budgeting for your new flooring project, you will be careful to make informed decisions that will not waste time or money unnecessarily. Our Room Visualiser allows you to input your own interior images and explore how our affordable engineered wood flooring options will look in your space.


Visualise your design plans without stretching your budget.

Additional Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Not only is engineered wood flooring more affordable than solid wood floors in the long run, but our floors also hold their own unique benefits, such as:

Impressive Longevity

We design our engineered wood flooring to be as durable as possible. Our quality hardwood veneers, both oak and walnut, are incredibly hard-wearing and age with grace. Our floors can also be refinished after their first few years of use, depending on their wear, and this further extends their lifespan.

Simple Installation

Our planks are all cut with either classic tongue and groove fittings or click-lock edging, which makes them quick and easy to install – giving DIY-savvy homeowners the option to lay their new floors themselves, whilst guaranteeing a level and attractive finish each and every time.

Low Maintenance

The protective oil and lacquer finishes we apply to our engineered wood floors keep them resistant to staining, scratches, and everyday wear. This reduces their need for frequent cleaning and refinishing, and offers you a flooring type that really pulls its own weight.

Design Versatility

A careful budget should not reduce your range of choice, which is why we have worked hard to build real wood collections that are not only affordable but also diverse in their styles and finishes. So whether you prefer a traditional look or a more contemporary touch, there is always a solution available at your price point.

Cost Savings

In addition to lowering the upfront cost of your home renovation, our engineered wood flooring also saves you money during the span of its life. Combining high durability with natural resistance to wear and tear, our floors reduce your expenses on repairs and replacements.

Boosted Curb Appeal

Installing engineered wood flooring can enhance the overall value and appeal of your home. The aesthetic draw and quality of the flooring can make a positive impression on potential buyers, if ever you decided to sell in the future, offering a positive return on your initial investment.

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Save on Money, Not Aesthetics

Our engineered wood flooring is a brilliant choice for budget-conscious homeowners, with a wide pool of affordable designs to choose from that are truly made to last. Browse the full range today and don’t miss out on the opportunity to recreate your space without breaking the bank.


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