V4Magnetic® Wood Flooring

Magnetised wood flooring might sound improbable, but we've made it a reality. In collaboration with IOBAC, pioneers of revolutionary adhesive-free magnetic flooring technology, we present the V4Magnetic® collection.

Cross Section of V4 Magnetic Engineered Wood Flooring

Collection Highlights

16 Premium Floors: Our collection features 16 high-quality, FSC 100% certified engineered European oak floors, including 8 wide planks and 8 matching universal herringbone parquet floors.

Finishes: Choose from UV-cured lacquer or natural oil finishes, available in a variety of colours and surface textures.

Innovative Base: Each plank and herringbone piece has a traditional tongue-and-groove installation enhanced with a 0.6mm magnetic foil base. This base is magnetic on one side and adheres to the floor with a strong acrylic-based adhesive on the other.

Strong, Yet Reversible: Our flooring system offers a powerful two-dimensional hold. The tongue-and-groove mechanism locks planks together horizontally, while the magnetic grip secures them vertically to the sub-floor.

Improved Circularity: Enjoy adhesive-free installation for easy, clean uplift. This means the magnetic wood can be reused, leaving the sub-floor uncontaminated and ready for immediate reinstallation.

Fast Installation: Experience simple, hassle-free installation with minimal disruption to your home or business. Easy access, repair, and replacement ensure quick and efficient updates.

Cost-Effective: Reduce labour and material costs. Protect your sub-floor asset with no expensive remediation required. Benefit from capital allowances for building owners, as it’s classified as a portable asset

Design Flexibility

We offer 16 core products in matching plank and herringbone formats. Additionally, we can apply V4Magnetic® technology to any of our flooring collections, including plank, herringbone, chevron, bespoke designs, reclaimed design panels, LVT, laminate, and cork.

Steel Raised Access Flooring

Using V4Magnetic® allows our wood floors to be magnetically bonded directly to a raised access floor panel system without the need for adhesive or any additional subfloor layers. This creates a permanent wood flooring installation that is also easy to remove. Uplift flooring cleanly and easily with no damage. Wooden floors can be installed without being permanently attached, preserving the integrity of the raised access flooring when removed. Magnetised Wood Flooring enables the reuse or recycling of floor coverings, reducing landfill waste and eliminating VOCs associated with adhesive-based installation methods. Contribute towards sustainability certifications such as BREEAM, SKA ratings, and LEED.

IOBAC Ezy-Install Underlay

For faster, cleaner, and easier adhesive-free flooring installation, use the IOBAC Ezy-Install Underlay. This dry-laid, magnetically receptive underlay supports the adhesive-free installation of various floor types, including carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, woven vinyl, wood, and ceramic flooring.


Adhesive-Free Flooring for Tough Spaces, Kind to the Planet


Ezy-Install UnderlayÔÇÖs Dual Grip technology combines dry-tack and magnetism to provide unmatched hold for a wide range of floor coverings, including LVT, carpet, woven vinyl, ceramic, and timber, even under heavy traffic. Made from recycled rubber tyres, it forms a flexible, compression-resistant base with excellent acoustic properties for impact sound reduction. Floor coverings can be uplifted cleanly for easy reuse or recycling, while the Ezy-Install Underlay remains uncontaminated and can be reused multiple times. Install and switch flooring effortlessly for quick design changes, access, and repairs.

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